Why You NEED a Vacation

Does this sound familiar:

Your alarm goes off for the fifteenth time. You’re exhausted but you can’ put it off any longer, you have to drag yourself out of bed and rush to work. On the way into the office you Photo Collagethink to yourself, “What if I just keep driving? What would happen if I just don’t show up today?” Then you remind yourself you have a meeting today that you just can’t miss and if you didn’t go you’d probably be fired, that you can’t be fired because then you wouldn’t be able to buy your cat Mr. Snuggles pet food. So you may as well be an adult and suck it up and go to work.

Since you’re going to work, you think, “OK, I can do this. I’m finally going to bunker down and get done that big project that has been hanging out on my “To Do” list for the past month and a half.”

You rush in to the office five minutes late, get settled in, fire up your computer, pick out the perfect playlist for productivity on Pandora. You take a sip of your coffee and think, “Alright let’s get down to business I’m finally taking care of the big project!” followed by, “Oh shoot, before I get started I better check on that email from that supplier.”

The next thing you know chaos takes over the email from a supplier turns into a call to your boss, which turns into a reminder email to a client, which turns into a parade of emails, texts, phone calls and interruptions leading up to you being late to your afternoon meeting. You sit through the meeting nodding along checking those emails that “just can’t wait” on your phone, and thinking about how you forgot to get lunch, again. Arriving back at your office you sit down and realize you don’t have any time to even put a dent in the project you meant to finish today.

You pack up your stuff and head home. You’re stressed but you think, “Soon this project, month, quarter, or event, will be over. Soon, soon I’ll be able to breath. Soon, I’ll be able to take some time to spend with my family. Soon I’ll be able to relax.”

Soon never comes. The kids get older, you go to a funeral thinking why didn’t I spend more time with my Aunt, you wind up with stress related health problems, soon time off is spent going to doctors appointments and graduations, and you spend that time thinking about the time you already lost.

You NEED a vacation. You NEED a break! You’re killing relationships, time, and yourself.

Regional Sky has the Answer

Regional Sky understands that you need this vacation, and our goal is to provide amazing trips from our local Wilkes-Barre Scranton Airport at a cost the area can afford.

We are not talking about a quick flight to a Philly or NY airport. We are talking about a direct flight for a premier resort in the Bahamas at a fraction of the cost.

Go Ahead and See if You Can Put Together a Trip of the Same Value for a Better Price

This Limited Quarterly Trip Trumps Any Scheduled Flights

On popular websites if you look for just the air to the Bahamas it will cost you an average of $692 dollars for round trip fare for a flight with 1-2 stops out of AVP or PHI. Our airfare only price is $548 for a nonstop flight. In addition to being reasonably priced and nonstop, we will get you there before any of the other flights. Our flight takes only about 2 – 2.5 hours. Other flights can take up to 27 hours including an overnight layover! That is over a full day of your vacation stuck in travel time. With Regional Sky you will leave in the morning and be sipping your included beverages watching the Superbowl poolside in the evening.

Our Resort Inclusions are a Fantastic Deal

Booking your resort stay separately you will pay $1629.32 a person for the same room at Memories. Our price for the same Deluxe Island View room is only $1351.00. This trip is smack in the middle of the Bahamas peak season, from mid December until mid April resort stays and rooms come at a premium. While you can never guarantee the weather, the Bahamas comes as close as you can get with over 315 days of sunshine.

This package includes all of your meals, non-motorized water sports, alcohol and green fees.

Transfers Included

We don’t want you to even have to worry about a cab, or ride from the airport. So we built them in to our Regional Sky package price. That’s roughly another $50 in savings per person.

All for an Unbeatable Price

All of this incredible value comes at an unbeatable price. Airfare, transfers, and an all inclusive stay (Alcohol, Non-Motorized Water Sports, Meals, Entertainment) is all only for $1,899.

We are proud of our airport. The Scranton Wilkes-Barre International Airport is conveniently located with cheaper parking than you would ever find in Philly or NY. Our aim is to provide our area and surrounding areas with the opportunity to take an awesome and convenient trip for an affordable price.

We are only offering these premier packages about once a quarter and we only have 189 seats available. So don’t wait book your trip today.